Anyone loves to post on Facebook that may contain messages, photos and even links. 

We all know, we must always be careful particularly when clicking on links. But, how will you find out if the post with the link is reliable? If you want to find out how then read on.


1. The Identity And The Post Compared!
If you saw a post from your grandma that has a link leading to porno site, are you going to trust that? That is just not like her right? So, you can believe that the post was created by somebody else, a hacker! These links, if clicked on, will lead you and other users who clicked on it to pornography sites or even ask you to download a rogue application.2. Check The Words And You will See
Another tip is to check the words getting used in the post. Regular expressions cannot be simply imitated by hackers utilizing their own personal Facebook password hack,¬†particularly if they aren’t familiar with the language being used by the owner of the account. Their unfamiliarity to the language is one of their worries and you can use that to help you detect if the account was compromised.

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3. Unbelievable Message

If a post is asking money from you or any personal information that you don’t simply give out then you must treat it as unusual. To verify that you aren’t being scammed, talk to the family of the one who posted the message or link for verification purposes. You can do this by talking to them personally or over the telephone. Remember, Hackers will make up stories just to get what they want. Don’t let them fool you. Send a message if you can not reach your friend who posted it. Include a question that will help you identify that what they’re going through is real.

4.Check if the link came from is a service commonly used to shorten lengthy web address for easy facebook posting. You may be fooled because the link doesn’t look like it will lead you to any site that’s unfavorable when it fact clicking it can install a malware in your computer.

5. Check If The Link Was Posted On All The Walls
If you see the link in your wall, instantly check if it is on your friend’s walls too.
Nothing is impossible for hackers and with the minimum security options in facebook, they can easily spread their links and entice others to click on it and fall to their scheme. They can post it as much as they want and to some or most of your friends’ facebook wall. The link will spread rapidly. The friends and other acquaintances and even their loved ones will have access to these links and may even contribute to its further spread.