How to Keep a Facebook Account Safe from Hackers: Every Facebook member should know THIS

What if one morning you wake up and you just cannot log into your Facebook account anymore? Though you are wondering what could be the reason, there are just some signs that your account was hacked. How someone does say his/her account was hacked? How sure are you about your Facebook account security? How can you prevent the next Facebook hacker from ruining your online identity? All of these things can matter most to Facebook users and there are just few things you can do to protect your account from hackers.

Do not let anyone know your password

It’s easy to just keep your password safe with you and do not let anyone have it. Whenever you browse online make sure you do that in a secure connection and that is advisable by experts too.

Don’t allow the news feed to be flooded with doubtful links

It is so common for Facebook users to share pages and links to their friends, but you are unsure of where these links come from. Sites such as take great advantage of this through their custom Facebook password hacker. You can prevent them from penetrating your page by not clicking them. Oftentimes, games, apps and videos are risky; you shouldn’t click them if you are not sure of where they came from. Do not allow third party apps to access information from your Facebook account. It will be best to just remove those apps.

Add another email account if possible

When your profile is hacked, Facebook will send you with information to recover the account and that is through your secondary or alternative email ID as well. Before you go through these steps, you have to understand the Facebook privacy policy first.
Make sure to only accept friend request from people you know
It’s very common for Facebook users to add and accept friend requests from people you they don’t know. Due to the urge of meeting new friends, they communicate and add people whom they don’t know personally. It will be best to avoid posting essential details about you like family background, work information, contact numbers and others if you are into making friends with strangers.

Change passwords often

Changing passwords regularly can help you in preventing hackers from figuring out your password. You should also make sure that your login notifications are active as well. These are simple yet important things you can do to protect your Facebook page.

Make your computer security up to date

Due to busy life, people these days often neglect in updating their antivirus, they neglect in checking if their Facebook’s security is still strong. It’s easier to hack a Facebook page these days using phishing method. This is why you are asked to keep your computer antivirus updated, so it can detect phishing sites when you go online. It will keep you safe from key loggers too.

Keep your Facebook secure all the time

Facebook will be your best buddy, a daily diary and it will serve as your data storage too. But you need to keep it secure at all times. It can be at risk and your personal data will be invaded by hackers.