Camping games for children and adults: how not to get bored in nature

Camping games allow you to spend time in nature with the benefit and involvement of all participants in the gameplay, especially if you have children with you. Many people prefer the most famous outdoor games for the company – football, volleyball, badminton and other types of active recreation.

But if you are a lover of quiet intellectual pursuits, then you probably do not want to jump through the woods in search of a soccer ball or flounce. Well, in a company with children and it is better to choose educational games with acquaintance with nature.

Today we have invented a huge number of entertaining game plots for recreation in nature – we have selected for you the coolest of them.

We’re developing a fantasy

One of the most popular hiking activities is a fascinating game. Put your friends in a circle and act as a presenter, who gathers an expedition to some country and needs good help. Participants will be able to join your expedition if there is a certain thing that is irreplaceable in this expedition.

The point of the game is that only the ones with the same name starting with the same letter as the name of the person who calls it, but only the leader should know about it. This is not just the rules of the game of camping, but also the main secret of the game, in which you can show your imagination and get to know your friends better.

Strengthening friendship

Also, tourists like to play the game “Hike and the secret friend”, which allows you to rally the team and strengthen friendships, if you go on a hike in large numbers. For it you need to write the names of everyone who goes with you on the sheets beforehand. At the beginning of the hike ask all participants to pull out a leaflet with the name – whose name the person will pull, and he will become a secret friend for the duration of the hike.

The second participant will not know that his name was stretched out. The purpose of the game is that the first participant will show to the second attention and help him in various details so that it is not clear that he is his secret friend. This game helps to better understand what is survival in nature – games with mutual help are always useful and instructive.

Let’s go on an adventure

Camping games and children are very compatible, so you definitely need to play a camping game with schoolchildren. Draw or order a photo-printed map of the treasure’s whereabouts before your trip. Ideally, you should go to the forest or park in advance and hide various funny trinkets in certain places, which are then marked on the map.

Think of a fascinating legend that will interest the kids and motivate them to look for “treasure” based on your map. The game “Going to the forest” will teach them to navigate the terrain, develop fantasy and logic, and allow you to spend time with pleasure.

We’re turning on the imagination.

The fire is best played in charades and riddles that do not require physical activity and mental strain. These games in nature for children are interesting, as well as games for adults. One of the most popular options – “Crocodile”. Divide the participants into two groups.

The first group chooses a word and whispers it to the selected participant from the second group, after which he tries to portray the hidden word with gestures, and his group tries to guess it by his friend’s artistic abilities.

This game can be diversified, if you make whole movies, books, songs and other interesting things that are so exciting to solve in the fresh air under a kebab.

Hence, what Tarzan Aws really advice is that if you and your friends are interested in surviving in nature, playing in nature is not for you. But the reconstruction of your favorite movie on the subject of survival in extreme conditions – the very thing (only in a safer atmosphere).

This event should take place without most of the things that make life easier for tourists, because your goal is to learn how to start a fire without matches, make a camp without comfortable tents, cook natural tea made of pine cones and wild berries, collect birch tarts to scare away mosquitoes and get food yourself, using improvised means.

The game of survival also involves the manufacture of rafts followed by river rafting, long hiking trails, overnight stays at altitudes, fresh water harvesting, the manufacture of traps for hunting and fishing rods, stargazing, and so on.

After such an adventure you will understand a lot about your possibilities, discover your hidden resources, become more confident in yourself, find a steel rod and total stress resistance.

The main thing in this game is not to play, choosing dangerous ways and getting into a fight with a bear, because the usual reconstruction can quickly turn from an exciting adventure into a real surprise.